Lower Johnson Street

Shops and restaurants aplenty.

Lower Johnson Street is a popular shopping area in downtown Victoria. Starting where Wharf Street and Johnson Street meet and continuing for one block to Government Street. This cool, eclectic area with many interesting shops, draws both locals and the many visitors to Victoria each year.

This block is packed with shops as well as a few restaurants. There is an alley that hides shops within and another that contains one of Victoria's most popular and highly recommended restaurants, Il Terrazzo. Other restaurants on the block include Willy's Cafe and Bakery and Famoso Pizzeria.

Situated between Johnson and Pandora Streets is Market Square where there are local boutiques, restaurants, and an open-air courtyard, where concerts and events are held. Shops selling jewelry, home decor, essential oils, and clothing can be found within the square.

Don't let the one block expanse fool you, hours can be spent shopping and eating in this area. With the nooks and crannies, market square and many stores to choose it is worth the visit and can take a while to tackle.

Starting at Government Street there is a large outdoor store followed by a well-known yoga apparel store. There is a great selection of local businesses found here, from jewelry to upscale men's and ladies clothing. This block is home to Baggins Shoe store that has an incredible selection of Vans and Converse runners as well as Still Life clothing store and Nezza Naturals.

The best parking area close to Johnson Street would probably be the public parkade of Yates Street. Waddington Alley connects Yates and Johnson Street.

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