Little Jumbo

Down the Hall, 506 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8W 1E6

Little Jumbo Restaurant & Bar is inspired by two rivals, Jerry Thomas the “father of American mixology” and Harry Johnson the "the father of professional bar-tending" and a famous bar and hotel consultant.

The restaurant is enigmatic in that it makes you feel like you've found a secret switch in a bookcase to reveal a secret room beyond hiding a treasure.

The experience of dining at Little Jumbo begins with the actual location of the restaurant itself. The main entrance is more-or-less hidden at the end of a hallway deep within a building on Fort Street. Unless you're actively trying to find the restaurant the only way you'd know about it is a referral.

The room is designed like a hideaway with mood-setting lighting and decor. The centerpiece of the restaurant is the long wooden bar. Along the other side is a line of intimate tables.

There are five small menus including a bar menu, share boards, starters and mains, plus a happy hour menu. The food options are delicious and included fun choices like crispy duck wings, bone marrow, steak frites and a ploughman's platter.

From the attentive serving staff to the carefully constructed menu, Little Jumbo places a lot of attention on the dining experience. The laid-back vibe means you can drop in for a drink and appetiser at the bar or have a full evening of dining at drinks and anything in between.

Happy hour is from 4 pm - 5:30 pm from Tuesdays through Thursday until midnight and Friday and Saturday until 1 am.

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